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Past Seasons

Henry Box Brown

Musical adaptation by Mehr Mansuri

A story of courage, strength, creativity, and a daring escape from slavery!
Gospel, R&B, bluegrass and African American spirituals with an infusion of American folk music – weave together to tell this true story of an 1850’s Virginia Slave who shipped himself to freedom in a BOX! It is the American Les Miserables – where the triumph of the human spirit prevails through the sacrifice of black and white abolitionists.

Respect, A Musical Journey Of Women

By Dorothy Marcic

This play takes us on a historical journey of women through popular music. For more than the first half of the last century, the voice of women in Top-40 popular music has been one of neediness and dependency. “I’ll do anything for you or just LOVE me and I’ll stand by my man;” to landmark songs, like “I will survive” and “R.E.S.P.E.C.T.” Watch the musical evolution of women in songs tracking the Top 40 from 1900 to modern day.

Stone Soup

Adaptation by Mehr Mansuri & Jill Bolstridge

Set in post-war Eastern Europe, Stone Soup tells a tale of how a small village filled with prejudices and assumptions about a group of traveling gypsies, learn that working together, with everyone contributing what they can, leads to a greater good or all. It is a story of ingenuity, a lesson in kindness and friendliness.

One day a wandering group of gypsies came marching down the road towards the village asking to stay for the night. The townspeople seeing them coming, suddenly became very busy, for gypsies are often hungry. So all the food was hidden under mattresses or in barns. There followed a battle of wits, with the gypsies equal to the occasion. Stone soup? Why, of course, they could make a wonderful soup of stones… In fact, during the hardest of times, in such a time as this tale, that little village thrived, because the townsfolk never forgot how to make “stone soup”.

Queen Kunka Bunka and The Rotten Royal Rascals

Story by Mehr Mansuri

An original musical with rousing music and dance, is the story of the land of
Kunka Bunka which is ruled by a kind and benevolent Queen, who is consumed
with worry as she discovers that none of his rotten royal rascal children are
suited to govern the land. To discover which child might be best as the royal heir, the Queen asks each of her children to wear the magical ‘see-through spectacles’ that allows them to see ‘inside themselves’. As none of the rotten royal rascals are fit to fill royal shoes, the despondent Queen banishes her children from the palace assigned to work as common citizens, until they have learned the secret to happiness.

Ugly Duckling

Based on the original story by Hans Christian Andersen
Adaptation by Mehr Mansuri and Jill Bolstridge

The Ugly Duckling is a story of a plain-looking little bird (the Ugly Duckling) born in a barnyard. He is teased by the other ducklings and farm animals for being plain and ugly. As a result he runs away to live with a flock of wild ducks and geese, then with a cat and hen, but doesn’t feel welcome there either and wonders on till he eventually finds a flock of Swans who accept him. The Ugly Duckling is a story of transformation and courage under fire. The story teaches us to accept one another and to accept ourselves, and not other people’s perceptions of us.

Yertle the Turtle

A Musical Adaptation of Dr. Seuss’s book
Adaption by Lory Lazarus

Artistic Yertle the Turtle features a ferocious dictator who commands the other turtles to climb back-on-back to build him a throne, higher and higher. One little turtle named Mac, the first brick at the bottom of the throne, pleads with your majesty to let the turtles free. Adapted by Lory Lazarus for stage, Yertle the Turtle tells the story of a courageous turtle named Mac who dare to challenge his ruler.

A Butter Battle Tale

Inspired by original story by Dr. Seuss
Adapted and written by Lori Lazarus

Engaged in a long-running battle, rivaling neighbors develop more and more
sophisticated weaponry as they attempt to out do each other. In this battle
between the two neighbors, (over which way to butter your bread!), the story
conveys the astounding destructive potential behind a war where the enemies
lose sight of their true goals. While the underlying theme to the story is the absurdity of battle, the message is that people must overcome their prejudices and pride in order to live in peace.

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